Men's Waterproof Hiker Boot & Men's Water Resistant Hiker Boot

Men's GrandExpløre Waterproof Hiker Boot

Designed to reach new peaks of engineering, the Men’s GrandExpløre Waterproof Hiker Boot is lightweight and ultra-insulated, engineered perfectly to transition from the slope to the street. Influenced by professional Alpinists who face the world’s most severe conditions, our Innovation Team crafted a stunning hiker that can withstand the elements of extreme temperatures and terrains with comfort always in consideration. The Men's GrandExpløre Waterproof Hiker Boot features a fully waterproof upper, which eliminates water seepage and helps to keep the boot dry.

Men's ZERØGRAND Water Resistant Hiker Boot

Winterized ZERØGRAND Hikers turn the functional winter boot into a sleek and city-ready boss. Masterfully crafted in water-resistant uppers and featuring a sturdy rubber outsole cushioned with our Grand.ØS technology for ultimate lightweight comfort and flexibility.